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architectural design

Delivering architecture, planning, and design globally.

Architectural Design Services

Site Analysis​

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one before we begin designing we take a thorough study of the site and all variables that could impact the design. We determine the sun path, wind patterns, and views to find the best siting for the home and consider any existing conditions or requirements specific to your lot. For example, this could be designed around a mature tree, setback requirements, height, size and OCRM restrictions, neighborhood-scale and historic context. After decades in architecture and interior design, we’ve encountered a variety of challenges, providing our team the aptitude to solve problems quickly and confidently.

Design Development

During the Design Development phase, conceptual design decisions are worked out in further detail. A clear and coordinated description of all aspects of the design including Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire protection systems is worked out providing a basis for the preparation of construction documents. A completed DD set will provide the exact size of the home and is used to submit for Architectural Review Board approvals if required. We take time to understand the restrictions and requirements of your local Architectural Design Review Board, should you have one, and have experience working with various design review boards all over the greater Charleston and Kiawah area.

Conceptual Design Phase

From our meetings together, we gain an understanding of your specific needs, taste and budget which guide the design direction. The sketching process begins with a site plan and/or floor plans. Next, we begin to develop exterior elevations that allow us to create the style and character of your home. These drawings can be used to secure conceptual architectural review board approvals.

3d Modeling and Rendering

Three-dimensional models and renderings are helpful in visualizing what the home will look like and can also be helpful in understanding view potential. These services can include: massing and presentation models, colored renderings, photo-realistic computer renderings and animation.

Are you looking for a firm for your 3D Exterior Design Services needs?

Craftric Design helps to convert your handmade sketches and drawings into digital formats.

The 3D Exterior Design team at Craftric Design can create an interactive and realistic 3D models which will allow you to change and modify the exteriors before actual work begins with cement, sand, mortar, bricks, and tiles.

3D Exterior Design has become common in today’s scenario; each and every architectural industry is absorbing the services of 3D exterior design for their projects.
As the exterior reflects the whole design of a building as well as the personality of the owner, we should always choose the materials carefully. In order to avoid costly mistakes, it is advisable to develop virtual 3d design before construction.

Why we are different?

Whether we are remodeling an existing home or building a new one, 3D Exterior Designing helps us create a customized look to suit our individual taste according to our budget. These designs combine a wide variety of components, colors, and materials which simplifies the task of creating an authentic and detailed home design.

Visualization/brainstorming of an elevation takes a lot of time. The 3d exterior designers have to balance all the shapes with symmetry. Like in all types of designing symmetry and balancing plays a vital role in getting a well-shaped design.
Using virtual 3d exterior design we can convert our imagination into life and make all elements of your landscape and exterior designing look absolutely real and so unique. With the number of options that we have, it is very difficult to decide what materials we should use for building the exteriors of our building.

Craftric Design is the leading company in providing 3d exterior design services to various industries.

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